Joseph O’Neal

Born 1983 North Carolina

elected Solo Exhibitions

• 2023- scattered poems, Galerie Rompone, Cologne, Germany

• 2022- Letters from the Earth, Cabin Contemporary, Pottsville, PA

• 2021- Soil Grows Through The Eye, Ressarts Projects, Frenchtown, NJ

• 2018- A Sunday in Soho III (w. Joe Strasser), Möbel Factory, Zürich, Switzerland

• 2018- de profundis, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

• 2017- World Champs, Ard Bia, Galway, Ireland

• 2017- during a time like this, Activate: Market Street, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ

• 2016- Trapping Ghosts, The Road Gallery, New York, NY

• 2015- A Sunday in Soho II (w. Joe Strasser), Gimmick Studios, Basel, Switzerland

• 2011- A Sunday in Soho (w. Joe Strasser), Fabrikreal Glanzmann Generalunternehmung AG, Basel, Switzerland

Group Exhibitions

• 2023- 2023 - In Other Words, Kansas City Public Library, Mountain Gallery, Kansas City, MO

• 2023- Worry, Soft Machine Gallery, Allentown, PA

• 2023- A painting is a painting is a painting, Artport Kingston, Kingston, NY

• 2023- Real Estate, Center for Visual Research at Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA

• 2023- Quadrivial, Chefas Projects, Portland, OR

• 2022- Salone Rompone,, Galerie Rompone, Cologne, Germany

• 2022- Tell Me More About Yourself, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ

• 2021- gelée royale, Galerie Rompone, Cologne, Germany

• 2021- a Little Undefined, Lodger Gallery, Kansas City, MO

• 2021- Between the Lines, Grove Collective, London, England

• 2020- Way Out, La Grange Gallery, Cernay-Lés-Reims, France

• 2020- Send Help, Levee Contemporary, Princeton, WI

• 2020- If You Like This, You’ll Love That, Collar Works Gallery, Troy, NY

• 2020- Glimpse, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ

• 2020- People, Brick and Mortar Gallery, Easton, PA

• 2019- ‘Okay, Where is The Cake?’, Warbling Collective, online exhibition, London, England

• 2019- ‘Of Course, I Haven’t Forgotten’, Warbling Collective, 155A Artists Space, London, England

• 2019- A Collection of Lines, Brick and Mortar Gallery, Easton, PA

• 2018- Intersection 2018, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

• 2018- Buyers Market, Brick and Mortar Gallery, Easton, PA

• 2017- Intersection 2017, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

• 2017- Metro 31, City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, NJ

• 2017- The 500 Project, The Road Gallery, New York, NY

• 2016- Intersection 2016, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

• 2016- Queen of Angels : When a Church Dies, Art and Artifacts, Newark, NJ

• 2015- ultisols, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

• 2015- Crossing Your Own Line, R.JAMPOL PROJECT(S), NYC, NY

• 2015- Grand Opening, Quinientos Cincuenta, Mexico City, Mexico

• 2015- Chainlink invitational, Hibbleton gallery, Los Angeles, CA

• 2015- Home Tour, The Road Gallery, NYC, NY

• 2014- New Digs, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

• 2014- Dichotomy, Index Gallery, Patterson Art walk, Patterson, NJ

• 2013- Chapter 237, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

• 2013- Cover the Wall, 7 Dunham Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

• 2013- Works on Paper, LBI Foundation, Loveladies, NJ

• 2013- Single Fare 3, RH Gallery, New York, NY

• 2012- Woodhull, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY

• 2012- Amalgamation, Space Womb Contemporary Gallery, Queens, NY

• 2012- let the good times roll, Gallery Twenty-Two, Charlotte, NC

• 2011- Imaginary Arms, Arch Collective Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

• 2010- umbilical poetry, Space Womb Contemporary Gallery, Queens, NY

• 2010- viscera, Spice Factory Gallery , Brooklyn, NY

• 2010- beginnings, Spice Factory Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

• 2010-Instant Gratification, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

• 2009- Polaroid Party, Hibbleton Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Artist Talks/Lectures

Visiting Artist Lecture
Lafayette College, Easton, PA
March, 2021

Visiting Artist Lecture
St. Louis Catholic High School, Lake Charles, LA
November, 2020

de profundis Artist Talk
Index Gallery, Newark, NJ
May, 2018

Selected Press

"The Space Between”
Short Film, Bicycling Magazine
January, 2022

“RipRap Issue 42”
RipRap Literary Journal, California State University Long Beach, Number 42
July, 2020

“Sora-Iro: Inside of You”
Lula Japan, number 12, by Matheus Katayama
March, 2020

“Vernissage: A Sunday in Soho II”
Baz Kompakt, by Tamara Wernli
June 4th, 2015

"A Sunday in Soho”
Basler Zeitung
May 28th, 2015

"Poetry Issue”
Sensitive Skin Magazine, number 12
April, 2015

"The Open Solitudes of a Plural Self: Joseph O'Neal on Painting”
Sensitive Skin Magazine, by Erik Noonan
January, 2015

"Artist Interview: Joseph O'Neal”
Artrated, by lily Koto Olive
November 29th, 2012

”In New York Entdeckt Joseph O’Neal and Joe Strasser”
September 4th, 2011

”Still Developing: A Story of Instant Gratification”
ISM Publishing

”bluetan Collective with Joseph O’Neal and Geoff Henshall”
WFDD NPR Affiliate, Triad Arts Segment, by David Ford